Evolutions Evolved

posted by Duke
Feb 25

Vitruvian Harry Many months ago, I teased a feature by which Harry’s physical appearance would change as he advanced. While the basics of that were implemented at the time, it was not until today that I looped back and actually hooked it all up.

In true Dehoarder 2 style, I decided to parody evolutions from another popular game franchise (“It looks like Harry is trying to evolve!”). I thought the result was quite pleasing.

The change afforded by an evolution is not just cosmetic. With it comes a sturdy 30% boost to maximum health and maximum mood, reflecting a quantum leap in Harry’s progress.

Harry EvolvingRight now the evolutions are tied to reaching a certain willpower level, though I have been thinking about adding another requirement, either career advancement or finding a certain item. (lunar rock?) Or maybe tying it to use of the yet-to-be-implemented exercise equipment. Again, I have options.

I see completion of long-outstanding features like this as an indication that I am entering the home stretch on development. Hopefully within a few months, I will be ready to begin some form of semi-public beta of the game.

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