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Sep 13

Workshop Tile Animated v2

In Development. Expected Release: When it’s done 🙂

“Dehoarder 2” is a follow-on to my Ludum Dare 26 entry “Dehoarder”, as featured in Let’s Play videos by Indie Impressions and captnduck. In the original game, you take control of a character in a one-room house, and are tasked with ridding yourself of various junk. In a fashion reminiscent of Katamari games, you must dispose of lower-value junk before you can stand to part with higher-value items. “Dehoarder 2” expands this concept with a full 2-bedroom house set on a beautiful suburban lane, and a story about a personal quest for self-realization.

Dripping With Parody, Sarcasm, and Humor

Through the casual intermixing of existing Smiling Cat game worlds, a new world called “Parallodia” was accidentally created during the development of Dehoarder 2. The whole world seems to exist as a parody to our world. There are some anachronistic tendencies, and the culture seems to be some sort of strange marriage of American and British. It’s our world as seen through the fun house mirror, you know, the mirror that makes us look like really fat pinheads. Jokes hide everywhere, even in the names of the colors for furnishings.

Full House and Yard to Dehoard

A two bedroom, one bath single family home set on a lot spanning over half an acre provides the perfect setting for your dehoarding adventures. Similar neighboring houses stretch on as far as the eye can see, and wooded hills back up to every lot. Cars drive by, birds soar, and occasionally a plane from the local airport passes overhead. At night, bask in the chorus of crickets under the full moon.

Clear an Uncanny Variety of Junk

In addition to the classic set of items included in the first Dehoarder game, there are several dozen new varieties of junk to dispose of, from traffic control devices, to toys, to catalogs and books, and much, much more. Junk containers hold even more junk that needs to be disposed of. Thought you were done with this room? What about that drawer over there?

Sell Junk in an Interactive Market

Sell your junk on eJunk, the premier auction site for hoards of stuff. Post judiciously, though, because if you oversaturate the market, bid prices will plummet. Play the market to your advantage by selling the hottest items.

Buy Custom Furnishings, Redecorate Your Way

Grab one of your hundreds of furniture catalogs that are laying around and order some furniture. Need furnishings to keep our hero entertained, happy, and healthy? Interactive furnishings allow you to rest, take leisure, and perform other activities. Place furnishings anywhere you can find a clear spot – provided you can find a clear spot.

Remodel the Entire House

As part of your quest for renewal, you can refinish and replace various aspects of the house to reflect your personal taste. Want bright yellow siding with purple trim? You got it. Wood panel walls from the 1970’s? Sure, why not.

Get a Job, Advance Your Career

The daily newspaper’s help wanted section can help you find an entry level job of your choice. Find hours and pay that are suitable for you and go to work! If you perform well at your job, special things may happen. You may even get to save the world or become a Movietown legend!

Tend Gardens for More Beauty

Transform your gardens from weed-choked tangles to beautiful floral presentations. Nurture desirable plants with water and fertilizer, and kill off weeds with herbicide, or just nuke everything with the herbicide and start over with new plants.

Interact With a Wider Variety of Vermin

In addition to cockroaches from the first Dehoarder (which have been completely revamped to make them 3D), there are now also flies, mosquitoes, mice, and rats to contend with. Ridding the house of vermin will go a long way toward making a healthier environment to live in, though eradication is only temporary if the mess that drew the vermin remains.

Substantially Upgraded Graphics and Sound

Using technologies new to Unity 5 such as material based shading, Dehoarder 2 brings forward more lifelike visuals than any other Smiling Cat offering before it. Add a gentle piano-dominant soundtrack featuring a professional remake of the original Dehoarder music accompanied by several tracks by the renowned Kevin MacLeod, and you have a recipe for an immersive game experience.


Q. When will the game be released?
A. The simple answer is hopefully sometime mid-2016. The more complicated answer is that it depends on several factors, some of which are in my control, some of which are not. My current plan is to launch a Steam Greenlight campaign in January when I won’t have to try to shout over the industry’s AAA holiday season.
Q. How long have you been working on this game?
Since August 2014.
Q. Why a game about hoarding?
A. The concept came about through brainstorming ideas to fit the theme for the Ludum Dare for which Dehoarder was written. The theme was minimalism, so I decided to make a game about minimalizing one’s lifestyle.
Q. Can this game be used to help real life hoarders?
A. I’m not sure. I can see where it might be helpful, though I only have one class’s worth of psychology knowledge so I don’t feel that I am qualified to make that determination. Any potential benefit would probably need to be studied in a clinical, scientific setting. My intent is to create an entertaining and fun game. If it turns out that is able to help people, so much the better.
Q. Did you create all of the models in the game?
A. Many, but not all. The house itself is my creation, as is the terrain. Most of the junk models were created by me in Blender. The characters are of my design and were created using MakeHuman. Foliage, vehicles, vermin, and many of the furnishings were acquired from the Unity Asset Store.
Q. Are you working on this full time?
A. No. I still have a day job, so I usually work on the game for 12 to 20 hours per week.
Q. I’m from Dunn & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. That’s an awful nice business you’ve got going there. It’d be a shame if anything happened to its credit rating. But if you give us money, we can make sure that nothing happens
A. Take your paper protection scheme elsewhere and stop calling me. I regret that Apple ever made me do business with you in order to get into their developer program.

System Requirements

  • PC Version
    • Windows 7
    • 500MB Hard disk space
    • A relatively recent PCI-Express graphics card, minimum recommended PassMark score 1,000 or higher, for best experience 3,000. (see Passmark Video Card Benchmarks for more info)
    • 1 GB RAM (2 GB+ recommended)
    • Audio Support
    • Approx. Download Size: 400 MB

Parental Information

  • May impart an urge to clean. Apply liberally.

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