Well, Unity apparently decided to take a poop in its Library cache folder, so while it takes a half-hour or so to re-import the world, it’s a good time to post an update.

Recently, I designed one of the main neighbor encounters, with Eastman, the wild party man. It turned out as a nice, intense button-mashing mini game, where Harry and Eastman clash with their willpower. As Harry starts to gain advantange, very anime-like things begin to happen. I test-played it around at the COGG meetup last weekend, to very good reception.

Also, I bought a goat. Not a real-life one, but a model for the one I had the idea for as a pet in the game. Now, I just need to figure out how the goat will come to be in Harry’s care.

I added a proper game over screen for the game. Now, you will see the cause of death, and can see your overall progress right on your tombstone. The various endings, of course, will be collectable for progress toward an achievement.

My asset folder is a mess. So many textures, materials, and models for this game, and since about half of them came from the Unity Asset Store, they have ended up scattered all over in their own individual package folders. It is time to clean that up, so that I can actually see and manage what I have. This activity is actually what precipitated Unity’s little poo-in-the-cache accident.

Well, the project is back up, so it’s back to asset clean-up. I’ll try to pull together some screenshots of the new stuff for the next update.

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