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May 19

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Please note that support for the iOS version of Breaking Block will be discontinued on March 3, 2018. More info.

Break your way through an invaded Solar System with over 100 block smashing levels. Your adventure will start at the Sun. Your destination is in the Kuiper belt, located past Neptune.

A hootenanny of upgrades and power-ups await you. Trade coins and blocks to unlock new items. Equip rings to enhance your power, and use capsules for a quick boost.

Epic incontinence-inspiring boss battles will have you on the edge of your seat, providing some of the most exciting block breaking gameplay ever.

Over 1000 coins to collect through challenging feats on each level. Over 90 achievements are available to be earned during your journey.

Fans of block breaking games rejoice – Breaking Block is here!

Classic Gameplay

More Details

Tearing down walls has never been so fun. Breaking Block is to be a faithful addition to the classic game that is now practically its own genre. Breaking Block’s custom physics have been tuned to give the feel of the classics. Tilt-based controls were cloned directly from the delightfully responsive controls in Prepare for Warp, and are a perfect and obvious fit for such a game.

Level Selection Map

With a palette of 12 block colors plus several special block types, the level layouts are bright and varied. Vertically-oriented blocks and smaller half-blocks add freshness to the gameplay without pushing the genre into alien territory. Each creation beckons for you to lay waste to it.

Flower Level
City Level
Planet Level
Pyramid Level

In each level, there are ten silver coins that can be earned. These coins can be used to buy upgrades to your power. Some coins are hidden in blocks. Some can be earned by achieving one, two, and three-star score rankings in the level. Some are held by alien forces.

Ten Coins Per Level

Every block that you break gives you blocks to spend on unlocking new levels and buying consumable powerups. There are also several different ways to earn bonus blocks, such as completing levels in less time, using fewer balls to complete a level, and keeping the last block from the aliens.

Block Bonus

Eight powerups and eight types of equippable rings will all help alter the gameplay to your advantage. Some of the powerups are classic staples of the genre, such as paddle extensions, lasers, the ability to catch and hold balls, and splitting the ball in three. Others are more unique, such as a chargeable forcefield and the ability to project a phantom copy of the paddle that can deflect balls and catch bonus items.

Store Powerups

Even some of the classic powerups have unique twists. For example, when you get the laser powerup, the game will enter “Laser Frenzy” mode. During Laser Frenzy, you must destroy as many blocks as possible with your laser in order to score massive amounts of bonus points. Keep one eye on that ball, though, because if you lose it, the Laser Frenzy will end.

Laser Frenzy Start
Laser Frenzy End

The equippable rings provide a more permanent bonus. Their effects include granting extra points, upgrading ball damage, and repelling aliens. In addition, regular power-ups can be purchased and equipped, then activated during gameplay.

Equip Rings

You control the game’s difficulty by using upgraded balls that can be purchased with silver coins. Higher-level balls increase the game’s speed, but also give a multiplier to the amount of points that you earn. Using higher-level balls will put some of the game’s later 3-star scores within reach.

Equip Balls

At each milestone of your journey, you will need to face an epic battle in order to proceed. For these battle levels, the gameplay changes slightly. The goal becomes to destroy certain blocks that power the block-based alien presence, while avoiding heightened hazards that endanger both ball and paddle.

Boss Fight
Boss Beaten


The in-app purchases serve two purposes. First, a single $0.99 purchase turns off the ads for life. Second, in-game currency can be purchased should you choose to speed up your path to more power. Currency packs start at the bargain price of only $0.99, and buying in bulk gives you even more value for your dollar. First and foremost, though, Breaking Block was designed to entertain. While Breaking Block is a “Free-To-Play” title, it will never be pushy about it, nor will it ever stop you from playing or progressing at some arbitrary point.

In-app Purchases

With its multitude of levels, over 90 achievements, and over 1000 coins to earn, Breaking Block is sure to provide hours of block breaking entertainment!


System Requirements

  • Android
    • Approx. Download Size: 29MB
    • Recommended specs (Provides optimal play experience)
      • Device supporting Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” or later
      • Dual-core Cortex A9 or equivalent CPU @ 1900MHz
      • For Example: Runs well on Galaxy S4 or better
    • Minimum specs (Some degradation in play experience possible)
      • Device supporting Android 4.0 “Gingerbread” or later
      • Dual-core ARMv7-compatible CPU @ 1400MHz
  • iOS
    • Approx. Download Size: 44MB
    • Recommended specs (Provides optimal play experience)
      • iPad Air, iPod Touch 7th generation, iPhone 5
    • Minimum specs (Some degradation in play experience possible)
      • iOS Device supporting iOS 6.0

Parental Information

  • Contains cartoon violence.

Update History

  • Version – July 21, 2014
    • Initial iOS release.
  • Version – July 3, 2014
    • Initial Android release

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