Apr 1

arvex1I am pleased to announce that a couple of weeks ago I received the first of six batches of models from Liam “Arvex” Wenzlaff, whom I’ve contracted with to create additional 3D content for Dehoarder 2.

The models that Arvex will be creating will complement the models created by me and the models obtained from the asset store, filling gaps where models are outside of my ability or scedule to create efficiently, and where those models cannot be easily and inexpensively located on the Asset store with sufficient quality.

arvex2.arvex3Attached are a couple of my favorite models from Arvex’s work to this point. I am very happy with the work that Liam has done so far. I hope that with Liam doing much of the remaining 3D modeling work for Dehoarder 2, I will be able to focus more closely on other areas that are just as important, such as gameplay and story.

Speaking of story, I have started filling in details in writing the “main” ending for the game. Already there are several game over scenarios, but this one represents the “happy path”, full success. I hope to be able to include a few “delightful surprises” within the ending sequence to reward players for their hard work. What I’d like to do is have a main ending flow, and introduce short sequences based on optional “side quests” the player has completed – so the length of the ending that you get is based on how much you complete. We’ll see how this works out.

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