Sep 10

Workshop Tile Animated v2I just finished adding the last major feature to the expo demo of the Ivory Skies game MMMob. This is great news, not just because MMMob is going to be a totally awesome Sim/Tycoon game, but also because it means that I get to start shifting my attention back to Dehoarder 2!

It has been a point of consternation for me that there is just not enough time/energy to do everything all at once. After a 40 hour work week, there are only so many productive hours left that I can put into game development work. So, I am very pleased that I will be able to return to focusing on Dehoarder 2, hopefully until its completion.

When we last left Harry and his hoard, he had met neighbors, his best friend, someone from waaay out of town, and government employees, both local and federal. He had the ability, but not necessarily the will, to get a job. Most of his day consisted of cleaning up trash and tending gardens.

Now, Harry’s story will continue to unfold. The antagonists will start antagonizing. Advances and setbacks will keep the boat rocking back and forth. The unexpected and absurd will be lurking around every corner.

Dehoarder 2 is officially back in active development! Check in later for more details on where Harry’s story takes him.

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