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Thrust or Bust has been released on Kongregate, and the promised updates to Chroma Invader and Snowflake are complete as well. If you haven’t already, please play and rate all three games on Kongregate. I have added convenient links to the Kongregate versions of the games in the sidebar of this site.

My Google Adwords campaign is also up and running (albeit clunkily, I think I need some SEO on my landing pages), so you may start seeing ads for Thrust or Bust or for the Good Gaming Initiative out in the wild.

I hope Thrust or Bust is well-received on Kongregate. I’m looking forward to seeing what badges they create for the game.

For the rest of today, I’ll be checking in on the stats of Thrust or Bust, of course. I also will be hard at work on the Dungeon’s Fortune project.

I’m excited to announce that Smiling Cat will be releasing Snowflake, a new browser game offering, on December 1st. The idea of the game is to click the falling snowflakes, each time matching either the size or the shape of the last snowflake that you clicked. This game will be playable on Kongregate, and my hope is that in the near future I can do a Android/iPhone release of the game.