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Nov 20

Smiling Cat Entertainment, LTD is a small, independent game development studio based in central Ohio. Founded in 2009 by long-time gamer Duke and his lovely wife Gill!, Smiling Cat seeks to games that are enjoyable to play and suitable for the entire family.

Past Successes

Smiling Cat has had several game releases over the years. In 2013, Smiling Cat shifted focus from browser-based games to mobile games. Their first mobile release, Vintage Pachinko, was geared toward fans of antique pachinko machines, and it currently ranks among the best pachinko games available on Google Play, with a 4.3 star rating. Their second mobile release, Prepare for Warp, has shown well at several local game development meetups and at the 2013 Ohio Game Dev Expo, and is currently seeking its launch toward fame.
Earlier browser-based game releases include EARL’s Warehouse, a 3D puzzle game which enjoys a 3.6-3.7 star rating on Kongregate. Smiling Cat’s Ludum Dare 26 entry, Dehoarder, finished in the top 10% in the Humor and Innovation categories and managed to garner some press attention and a 3.4 star rating on Kongregate.

Our Commitment to Family Friendly Games

We want to make games that can be enjoyed by the widest possible audience. Expect us to shun intense violence, profanity, strong sexual themes, and other strong adult themes. While we readily accept that edgy content certainly has its place in the gaming industry, that place is somewhere far from our stable of games. Instead, expect us to provide light-hearted, good-natured experiences that will bring smiles and uplift souls.
Ultimately, we want to give parents control over what they think is appropriate for your children to be exposed to. Should we choose to use elements within a game that require a certain level of maturity, such as fantasy violence, we commit to informing you of these elements in our product descriptions before you purchase that game.

Executive Profiles



Duke has been an avid gamer since the age of three, starting back in the era of the Atari 2600. He got his start in gaming late one night when he couldn’t sleep because his parents and their friends were having a rowdy match of Video Pinball. With no prior gaming experience, he proceeded to school everyone in the room before being sent back to bed. He narrowly survived the video game crash of 1982, and eventually became a professional software developer, never turning his back on his gaming roots. It had always been his dream to create video games for a living, but he was disappointed to learn how the industry’s standard developer-publisher business model really worked. Today, though, Duke senses that a sea change is underway in the industry, a change which he believes will fundamentally alter the relationship between developers and publishers for the better. Smiling Cat Entertainment is his big opportunity to do what he has always dreamed of doing, on his terms.
When not working for Smiling Cat, Duke can usually be found working his “day job” as a professional software developer, cooking for his wife, working on his house, playing video games, or watching anime.


Lead Tester

Gill! has been an avid gamer for the past decade. Gill! fills a key role as the lead tester for Smiling Cat’s games.

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